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After first-hand experience in body recovery with several mass fatality incidents, product development for Mortuary Response Solutions® (MRS®) was launched in 2007 to fill an obvious void in portable cold storage capability.

The Problem

The need for reliable, rapidly deployable, scalable, and dignified human remains storage on the scene of the incident or when the number of fatalities exceeds the local hospital, city and/or county’s resource capabilities became more obvious as numerous, significant man-made and natural disasters were researched. 

Our Solution

Mortuary Response Solutions met these needs in the form of the patented MERC® System (Mortuary Enhanced Remains Cooling System). Remaining in line with their commitment to portability and functionality, MRS® also designed and patented a full line of cadaver storage systems and storage system accessories. In 2010, MRS® partnered with Trailerlogic® to offer refrigerated morgue trailers and trucks.

Our Dedication to Excellence

Mortuary Response Solutions® has grown to become an industry leader in mortuary and mass fatality management and response equipment. MRS® strives to provide out customers with a peace of mind that comes from knowing that our products will be ready and reliable when and where they need them.
Made in the USA
Independently Tested
Rapidly Deployable
Consistent Temperatures

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We pioneered an innovative, rapid-deployable response solution that can increase decedent storage capacity when the unthinkable happens.

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