FORTS Fold-Out Rigid Temporary Shelter Systems

Transport your morgue to the incident site and quickly refrigerate upon arrival

Providing dignity to the deceased and protection to the living during a mass fatality event can easily exhaust emergency response resources. Preserving victims for safe on-site examination, decontamination and identification has often lead to the use of operationally inefficient refrigerated trailers as a last resort.

FORTS utilizes a ground breaking fold-out technology to provide a comfortable, rapidly deployable, and highly energy-efficient portable shelter.

Made in the USA
Portable & Lightweight
Heavy-Duty Alumnimum
Energy Efficient
Built-in HVAC

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Mobilizer Trailer

Provides a mobilizer specifically outfitted to transport your entire equipment package to any location at a moment’s notice without the need of a specialized vehicle.

Fold-Out Rigid Wall

To support fatality surge operations: FORTS utilizes its ground breaking fold-out rigid wall technology to provide refrigerated, rapidly deployable and highly energy efficient mass fatality storage units. When not in use, the FORTS take up less than a third of their operational footprint and are easily transported anywhere by land, sea and air.

Integrated Mortuary Equipment

The FORTS Mass Fatality Unit will hold up to 30 deceased. A portable generator, reliable refrigeration system and thermally broken insulated structure combine to hold the internal temperature below 36 degrees Fahrenheit in even the harshest environments.

Additional Features:

Power Generation System

When power is unavailable, the “Super Quiet” Generator and Generator Unloading Unit provide reliable, consistent and self-reliant land power in minutes, protecting the deceased.

Fast Unloading System

Eliminate the need for additional equipment. Mass Fatality Units are equipped with mechanical unloading leg jacks for quick setup.

Easy Decontamination

With the dry fog hydrogen peroxide and silver ion unit, the entire Mass Fatality Unit and all utility systems are quickly and reliably decontaminated between uses.


Exterior Shipping Dimensions

104 5/8”H X 45”W X 19’6”L

Exterior Deployed Dimensions

8’6”H X 17’8”W X 19’6”L

Interior Usable Space

281 sq. ft.

Total Unit Weight

4500 lbs.

Wind Loads

175 mph. winds

Snow Loads

55 lbs / sq.ft

Total Setup Time

20 min. / 3 personnel

HVAC System

3 Ton Refigeration Unit

Flooring Material

Nickel Plated TPO Flooring

Wall & Ceiling - Type/Paint

Aluminum / Bacteriostatic

Electrical System

60 HZ. 100 amp service


Insulated 36” x 80” Entry Door


4 LED Lighting Fixtures

Floor Insulation (R Value)

R-18 Insulation

Roof Insulation (R Value)

R-20 Insulation

Wall Insulation (R Value)

R-20 Insulation

Extrusion Type

Thermally Broken Aluminum

Thermal Efficiency

Maintains 36F in 100F

Cool Down Time

2 Hours to reach 36F

Cadaver Capacity

30 Person Capacity

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