Scripps Health Foundation Identifies 10 top Health Concerns of Baby Boomers[1]

Belton, SC (February 20, 2022)—According the Scripps Health Foundations, Dr. Christopher Cutter, MD, Baby Boomers will face some serious health challenges in the coming years. Dr, Cutter has identified 10 top health challenges Boomers will face.[2] Dr. Cutter’s list includes: Type 2 Diabetes at the of the top of his list, followed by, Heart Disease, Cancer, Alzheimers Disease, Depression, “Sandwich Generation” Stress, Arthritis & Joint Replacement, Osteoporosis, Flu & Pneumonia and finally Covid-19 and its subsequent variants. If ‘Sandwich Generation’ Stress, is an unfamiliar health concern, it is defined as the resulting stress of managing your own family while simultaneously providing the service of a caregiver to an elderly family member. “It is important to take care of yourself first,” says Dr Cutter.[3] The CDC has a similar Top Ten Leading causes of death however, the CDC uses a metric which is year over year specific and considers the total US population.[4]

The reason this information is critical, is because it will have significant impact on the medical communities long range planning. Keep in mind that the Baby Boomers represent 77 million people, however, Millennial, Generation Z and younger, represent 162 million Americans[5].

The background material above presents a grim outlook for the future. According to the CDC, average life expectancy has decreased for both males and females.[6] Some of this decrease can be attributed to Covid-19 and its variants. The critical question that becomes evident, can the current health system, including hospitals, long-term care facilities, medical examiners and funeral homes have the capacity to handle a surge? Mike Richardson, CEO of Mortuary Response Solutions, has studied this issue at length and sees a significant problem on the horizon. As a result, he has developed and patented the MERC- LIQUID SYSTEM and the MERC-AIR SYSTEM. Richardson was recently quote as saying, “the investment in a brick and mortar morgues does not make sense.” He went on to add, “the soft cost associated with such an undertaking is high and time consuming, not to mention the addition permanent space required.” According to Richardson, “the portable, scaleable features of the MERC- SYSTEMS, alone require consideration, The cost differential between a fixed, permanent facility and the MERC-SYSTEMS, will leave little doubt in a health care facilities management teams mind that the future is with this type of medical equipment.”

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