Belton, SC (May 28, 2021)

MRS® has successfully completed a multi-year design and development project for the National Guard Bureau (NGB). As a result, MRS® has recently been awarded a Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) contract, to supply a range of specifically designed products for the use in mass fatality incident response and national preparedness.

The NGB’s, mission is domestic only, and it is only in the ANG that it is a function of force support. The role of the ANG is to be a force multiplier for the medical examiner and or coroner. The ANG’s and the USAF ANG’s support of medical examiners and coroners will allow the decedents of a mass fatality incident to be recovered in a safe, respectful, and dignified manner. The ANG teams consist of a highly trained force, who is capable of rapid response on a National basis. USAF ANG team members aid in search and recovery efforts, which often entails identification, processing, documentation, and transportation of decedents. Team members are trained and qualified to fill any of these roles as needed. Additionally, these USAF ANG team specialized team members are trained and evaluated on their ability to respond to Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) events as part of CBRN Enhanced Response Force Package, also known as CERFP, enabling the team to respond to a broad range of possible domestic situations.

Mike Richardson, CEO of Mortuary Response Solutions®, recently commented, “This project required the full effort of MRS’s design and development team. The resulting equipment package required more than three years of dedication and commitment. MRS® is honored to have been selected to develop this highly specialized response equipment package. We are proud to be in a position to support our National Guard.”


About Mortuary Response Solutions

Mortuary Response Solutions, based in Belton, South Carolina is a manufacturer of unique storage and packaging system for mass fatality response. With over 20 years of mass fatality response experience, MRS was launched in 2007 to fill a void in portable cold storage systems for human remains. MRS pioneered and patented the use of Direct Contact Cooling for human remains storage. For further details on Mortuary Response Solutions® and the MERC® System, as well as the numerous other related products, visit our website:

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