Training and Response

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The MRS-SPG Global Response and Recovery Executive Leadership Team (ELT) has unmatched experience in international mass fatality situations, such as the 2004 South Asia Tsunami and the 2010 Haiti Earthquake. 

The majority of our ELT and Associates have extensive experience working within DPAA, as well as the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC), prior to the birth of DPAA in MIA search, recovery and investigations and leadership/management/command and control of worldwide field teams. 

How It Works

MRS-SHG can respond rapidly to international mass fatality situations with an experienced ELT and Associates to provide situational assessments to US and international governments, private companies and families to assess the scope of the incident, conduct logistical assessments and recommend appropriate courses of action. 

We can quickly deploy our elements to search for, recover, identify and repatriate disaster victims to their respective countries with dignity and respect. MRS can also assist families and international companies with locating, securing and repatriating the remains of their loved-ones or employees who die abroad, to include settling personal affairs of the decedent and liquidation of real and personal property. 

What We Do

Our Mission-Essential Tasks revolve between both Search & Recovery Operations and International Mass Fatality Management

Search & Recovery

Provide experienced, specialized personnel to Government and other agencies to assist in the search and recovery effort. We provide both individual augmentation and full teams consisting of:

  • Team leaders
  • Mortuary affairs
  • Communications
  • Photographers
  • Life support investigators
  • Linguists
  • Divers
  • GIS specialists
  • Heavy equipment operators
  • Investigators
  • Analysts
  • Drone operators
  • Laborers
  • EOC Support

International Mass Fatality Management

  • Search and recovery of deceased persons
  • Field Morgue Facilities and Equipment Sourcing
  • Disaster victim identification
  • Repatriation of disaster victims
  • Family assistance center operations
  • Next of kin notification
  • Personal effects processing
  • Interment operations
  • Disinterment operations
  • Disaster morgue operations
  • Specialized forensic equipment
  • Logistical support for mass fatality search and recovery operation
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