Barrier Packaging for Human Remains

CadaverSeal provides complete and secure containment of human remains, locking in any hazardous or infectious wastes such as gases, fluids, or vapors. CadaverSeal was designed to help keep workers and survivors safe after a mass fatality event or any high-risk biohazard exposure.

In addition to a lightweight, flexible pouch-style design, CadaverSeal features a patented barrier closure system that is resistant to chemicals and biologicals. When closed properly, CadaverSeal provides a liquid tight, gas tight, and air tight barrier remains packaging system.

The CadaverSeal material meets the government MIL-SPEC for water, vapor, greaseproof and heat-sealable, flexible barrier materials having low WVTR for use in military packaging. (MIL-PRF-131K)


Material Thickness: 7.3 Mil
Foil Layer: 0.0003
Seal Strength: 19 lbs / in
Heat Sealing Required: Yes
Training Required: No

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Product Line

CadaverSeal MassPak

Will Handle Approximately 750 Decedents

  • 30 Export Certified Storage Crates
  • 1 Roll CadaverSeal
  • Bio-Labels (box of 500)
  • Adhesive Pouches (box of 500)
  • 3 Razor Knives
  • 3 Heat Sealers
  • 3 Horizontal Dispensers
  • 6 Alignment Clamps

Facility System

Will Handle Approximately 25 Decedents

  • 1 Roll CadaverSeal
  • 1 Heat Sealer  
  • 1 Vertical Stand 
  • 2 Alignment Clips 
  • 1 Razor Knife
  • 1 Extension Cord

Single Roll Replacement


Dimensions: 36″ x 150′
*Customer Must Have a Heat Sealer

How It Works


Place Remains in CadaverSeal


Manually Align and Heat Seal Remaining Open Sides


Remains are Ready for Storage and Transport
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