Belton, SC, April 10, 2022…. It seems the world wakes up every morning to a NEW variant. On January 4, 2022 we were told about the NEW Covid variant IHU. The first case discovered in France in December, 2021. Professor Philippe Colson, head of Mediterranean Infection Foundation, recently reported, “We indeed have several cases of this new variant in the Marseille geographical area.”[1] Additionally, Professor colson added, “We named it ‘variant IHU’. Two new genomes have just been submitted.”[2] According to The U.S. Sun reporter, Nina Clevinger, ‘The IHU variant is said to have up to 46 mutations.”[3] The IHU infections first found in the Marseille area have been linked to travels in Cameroon.

“As these mutations continue to come, it is apparent we need to constantly evaluate our state of Preparedness. We cannot allow our response capability to be caught in a constant state of catch-up”, Mike Richardson, MRS CEO, recently commented.

As the Pandemic has bifurcated and new variants have constantly emerged, so has access to new technology, which is now commercially available. Products are now available in the health care marketplace, which were not available in 2019. MRS has worked tirelessly designing and manufacturing NEW products, which are now available. If your healthcare facility, long term care facility or morgue has storage space capacity issues, you need to evaluate the MRS MERC Systems. The MRS MERC System is now available in both a liquid based system and air cooled system. Both systems are designed to be compact for storage, yet easily scaleable as capacity requirements change. The self-contained MERC System eliminates the need to use outdoor storage space, while providing a cost saving opportunity.


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Mortuary Response Solutions, based in Belton, South Carolina is a manufacturer of unique storage and packaging system for mass fatality response. With over 20 years of mass fatality response experience, MRS was launched in 2007 to fill a void in portable cold storage systems for human remains. MRS pioneered and patented the use of Direct Contact Cooling for human remains storage. For further details on Mortuary Response Solutions® and the MERC® System, as well as the numerous other related products, visit our website:

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